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Applications are now being accepted for mini-grants, due on May 15, 2015. Click here for the application:


For more information, contact jerian_petry@yahoo.com or robyn.moreland@eku.edu.

The Madison County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy, Inc. was created as a result of action taken by the 2000 Kentucky General Assembly to promote the reduction of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use through the implementation of comprehensive research-based strategies (KRS 12.330). Madison County's Board was established in 2003.

The agency works to gather information to increase the awareness of the risks as it relates to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Working with citizens and community organizations, we actively promote and educate others in alcohol, tobacco, and other prevention programs.

Vision: All people in Madison County are supported and nurtured by their families, schools and workplace, enabled to become healthy adults who contribute positively to a positive, healthy and drug-free community.

Mission: Madison County ASAP works with citizens and community organizations to actively promote and educate others in alcohol, tobacco, and other illicit drug prevention and treatment efforts.